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Kansas Wheat Innovation Building – Manhattan, Kansas

MEP Cost $3,320,000. OSE designed HVAC, plumbing, electrical and fire protection systems for a new 35,000 SF laboratory and office building located on the KSU campus. The facility includes wet laboratories, offices, growth chambers and greenhouses, and serves as a crop research laboratory as well as the headquarters for Heartland Plant Innovations.

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KSU Mosier Hall Research Center Remodel, Manhattan, KS

MEP Cost $3,240,000, 16,800 GSF. Design of HVAC, plumbing, fire protection and electrical systems for a renovation of Mosier Hall at Kansas State University that will support two university research centers: The Institute of Computational Comparative Medicine (ICCM) and the Nanotechnology Innovation Center of Kansas State (NICKS).

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College of Veterinary Medicine, Electron Microscope Lab, Kansas State University - Manhattan, Kansas

OSE was selected to provide the MEP design for the renovation of an existing lab space to accommodate a new electron microscope. The microscope required specific room air temperature and humidity tolerances for proper operation and an adjoining fume hood equiped laboratory. The room was fitted with LED lighting on a low voltage lighting control system to allow for dimmable lighting in the microscope room and the adjacent support spaces.

NISTAC Laboratory and Office Building – Manhattan, Kansas

MEP Cost $1,900,000. OSE designed HVAC, Plumbing, electrical and fire protection systems for a new 32,000 SF laboratory and office building located in the KSU Research Park. This facility serves as the Manhattan/K-State Innovation Center’s national headquarters as well as their primary incubator laboratory facility. The building houses the NISTAC corporate offices, offices for primary researchers, and 15,000 SF of modular wet laboratories and shared laboratory equipment and support spaces.

Laboratory renovations for the Kansas Entrepreneurial Center – Manhattan, Kansas

OSE provided mechanical and electrical systems design for two separate laboratory renovation projects which involved new fume hoods and related systems.

Nanoscale Laboratory Building – Manhattan, Kansas

MEP Cost $1,600,000. OSE designed HVAC, plumbing, electrical and fire protection systems for a new 28,200 SF building consisting of chemistry laboratories and offices for a nanoscale materials research and pilot plant testing company. This was a design-build project.

KSU Chem/Biochem Building Fume Hood Investigation – Manhattan, Kansas

This is a 20 year old building equipped with 165 fume hoods. The HVAC systems have been problematic since the building was constructed and OSE was contracted to investigate the system deficiencies and to recommend improvements.

KSU Justin Hall Laboratory Renovations – Manhattan, Kansas

OSE designed improvements to five laboratories which included addition of new fume hoods, HVAC systems and controls.

KSU Veterinary Medicine Toxicology Laboratory – Manhattan, Kansas

OSE designed mechanical and electrical systems for the renovation of an existing room to accommodate a new biological laboratory.

KSU Veterinary Medicine Complex Fume Hood Study – Manhattan, Kansas

OSE provided an investigation of all fume hoods in all three buildings to evaluate performance relative to applicable laboratory ventilation and the University Environmental Health and Safety standards. OSE prepared a report identifying deficient hoods and recommending and budgeting necessary system improvement measures.